What Do You Do Once You Receive an Offer? | Oahu, Hawaii

What do you do, once you receive an offer? | Oahu, Hawaii


What do you do, once you receive an offer? This is Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn and Hawaii Life. Hiring a skilled negotiator like myself who’s been involved in high-intensity negotiations for over 5 years and knows how to properly negotiate on your behalf is essential. Not only to give you the most amount of money on your home but to also negotiate the best terms.

Vet Buyers

First, we vet all the buyers that offer by calling the agent and the lender, making sure the buyer is truly qualified. Believe it or not, the buyer’s agent and lender are just as important to ensure the deal will close and the buyer’s qualifications.


After vetting the buyer’s qualifications with their realtor and lender, we will discuss the terms and give you our advice in regards to the pros and cons of each. Ultimately, you will be the one to make the decision as to which offer to take and if you choose what to counter.

More than One Offer

Now if we have more than one offer, we’ll give an offer deadline, time, and date. Once you have given all the shoppers an opportunity, we’ll discuss which of the offers you would like to accept or counter. Generally, this provides us with the opportunity to get a higher price from the buyer and better terms for you because we’ll be picking from the cream of the crop.

Once we come to terms, we are now officially in a contingent or pending status. In most cases, if you’re dealing with a loan, the average time to close on the homes is about 45 days give or take. If you have questions, please contact me.

More Information

I invite you to learn more about my engagement marketing strategy by clicking this link. Call me today, shoot me a text, or give me a call, 808-439-1077. I would love to help answer any questions you have. Stay tuned or visit my website or Youtube channel with more helpful tips on the home buying and selling process. Like, comment and share with anyone you know who may benefit from these videos. Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn. Make it a great home buying and selling day.

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