What Your Home is Worth | Oahu, Hawaii

Home Evaluations Assessed Value, Zestimate, Sales Price, and Market Value. This is Fawn Bertram with homes by Fawn and Hawaii Life. Knowing what your home is worth can get incredibly confusing when looking at these different evaluations. It gets even muddier when you look at the larger national websites like Zillow, which even admit, that … Continued

Will Your Home Pass the Test? | Oahu, Hawaii

Pass the Test? Will your home pass the test? Can you sell your home for top dollar right now? Or does it need some work? Hi, I’m Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn and Hawaii Life. Let’s take the quiz to see if your home passes the “Sell for Top Dollar” test. This is video #3 of … Continued

What is a Digital Marketing Specialist? | Oahu, Hawaii

  What is a digital marketing specialist and community market leader? Those are two crucial things you need to know if you’re in the market to sell your property. Hi, I am Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn and Hawaii Life. This is video #2 of a 3 video series. What is a Digital Marketing Specialist? Let … Continued

April’s Market Update | Oahu, Hawaii

April’s Market Update Do you want the truth about Oahu’s housing market? Yes, we all do! Hi, I am Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn and Hawaii Life. I’ve bet you’ve heard we’re heading into a “housing crash” but the truth is we’re moving into a normal, balanced market. This is exactly what we want. Oahu Stats … Continued