Staging a House for Sale | Should I Stage My Home?

Staging a House for Sale | Should I Stage My Home?

Staging a Home

Is staging a house for sale really worth it? You’re ready to sell. But as you look around, you’re wondering how in the world you are going to get your home looking its best for all those showings. Answer = Staging! ⁣Hi everyone, this is Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn and Hawaii Life Real Estate.

how to stage a home to sell

In this video, we’re going to talk about if you should stage your home when selling?⁣ While there are different “levels” of staging, the short answer is YES!

 3 Reasons Why You Should Stage Your Home⁣⁣

1. A Staged Home Shows Better.

Buyers often purchase on feelings — a thoughtfully arranged home allows buyers to picture themselves living in your home more easily.⁣

2. The Proof is in the Numbers.

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sell 73% faster and for more money, on average, than their non-staged counterparts.⁣

proer staging can help sell your home

3. Think There’s No Time or Budget to Do the Entire House?

I have the solution, focus on the entryway, living room, and kitchen. The living room is one of your home’s largest spaces, so leaving it empty, or worse —cluttered, won’t impress potential buyers.⁣

More Information

how to stage your home to sell

Not every home needs professional staging. If you’re curious about how you can get your home looking its best, book an appointment with me or click on our Staging to Sell Guide. Staging your home may be way easier than you think!⁣ I’m Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn and Hawaii Life Real Estate. Make it a great home buying and selling day.

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